4 Factors That Affect The Cost Of A Workstation

Workstation cost

Furniture plays a significant role in your workplace. When planning to renovate your office, you have to invest in furniture that enhances productivity and functionality. However, this furniture should also match the needs of staff going to use it. Workstations are handy pieces of furniture in any work environment but you need an appropriate budget before hitting the market. Below are four factors that affect the cost of a workstation. 

Panel height

Selecting a workstation with the right panel height is a smart decision. Hard solid panels offer maximum privacy but make users feel hidden away and isolated. Short panels lower visual and auditory privacy and expose workers to various distractions. However, these panels encourage natural light to enter, discussion, and collaboration between workers. 

Keep in mind that there is no single panel height for everyone. You need to make a personal choice to ensure that your choice of workstation has an appropriate panel height to match the needs of your employees. Additionally, the workstation height should match the work style of your team. Workstations with higher height cost more materials, time, and other resources covered in a higher price tag. 


The workstation finish plays a significant role in your budget for a workstation. You have to understand the various upgrades that might bring the cost of your configuration higher. Workstations with laminate or veneer upgraded from single color cost a bit more. Even those with inbuilt whiteboard surface or those with glazed, clear, or framed glass panels cost a bit more. These enhance the visual appeal while adding extra auditory privacy. When looking for office system furniture in Singapore, one with such features increases the invoice bottom line. 


An office needs as much storage space as possible. So, investing in a storage station with storage is a good idea. However, the more storage you need, the higher the budget. When selecting a configuration, evaluate your storage needs and those of your team. Determining your storage needs makes it easier to select a workstation with appropriate storage to give you good value for money. 

A minimalist workstation comes with two work surfaces and a mobile pedestal for personal storage needs. Other options include overhead storage with a mobile pedestal or storage tower. When you need storage space for binders, there is an option to use a high-density storage unit or shared filing cabinet. A centrally located storage tower is ideal for keeping umbrellas and coats in your office. 



You have a choice to opt for height adjustable or sit-to-stand work surfaces for your workstations. The rule of thumb is to choose a work surface that meets meet wellness, productivity concern, and health needs of your staff. Sit-to-stand work surfaces have expensive legs and mechanisms compared to regular work surfaces. This means that you need a higher budget for this work surface station

Alternatively, you can invest in heat adjustable work surfaces. This gives employees the chance to work while sitting or standing. It encourages flexibility and eliminates chances of back and neck pain. There is an option to add a sit-stand converter on the desk. The converter retrofits any work surface allowing adjusting the height of the monitor and keyboard. This is a cheaper option compared to investing in fully height-adjustable workstations. 

How to undertake a full office renovation

Apart from investing in the ideal workstations for your staff, you need other furniture pieces including monitor arms, task chairs, and keyboard trays. You have to understand the cost of these items as well to allow making an appropriate budget for the whole project. A smart idea is to choose a supplier with workstations and other office furniture items. 

A full office renovation project or relocation requires planning and budgeting in time. All departments in your office need various kinds of furniture. The accounting department needs workstations with a different configuration to that of the sales team. It is very important to consider the regular tasks of your departments to ensure that you select workstations that will give value for money. 

Making your project successful 

The most important step to a successful office renovation requires calling a team of professionals on board. These will assist you with space planning, interior design, and selecting appropriate furniture configuration. The ideal furniture should work with your office space layout while minimizing costs and protecting health and safety. This limits medical costs at work while lowering long-term costs in business.

Wrapping up

Promoting efficiency and productivity in your office requires offering employees their ideal workstations to match their needs. Ideal office furniture meets office space requirements, storage needs, and enhances health and safety. Investing in workstations requires having an appropriate budget. This depends on the finish, panel height, storage, and nature of the work surface. Teaming up with professionals is highly recommended to make the process easier and for better results.  


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