3 Best Strategies to Enhance Work Productivity Using Workers’ Personality Types

Work Productivity

If you want to enhance your workers’ productivity, then understanding and managing their different personalities is a crucial step. 

The best human resource managers create work Productivity and engaging office environments for the team.  With this, they can increase employee engagement and thus make the team more productive.

But, what do business managers like you have to know about productivity? What can be some of the reasons why employees tend to be unproductive?

In this modern world, workers face different distractions brought about by technology like text messaging, logging in to different social media, and even online shopping.  But you will be surprised to know that what kills productivity is personal.

Thus, it is the task of every business manager to consider the different personalities of workers so that the team can work well together and produce more.

The Personality and Productivity Connection

As business managers, you understand why the use of personality assessments continues to become popular nowadays.  Perhaps you’ve even administered a personality test for your own company. 

Well-developed personality tests predict job performance effectively.  They also tap into the individual’s uniqueness to yield key insights into people’s unique drives, motivations, and temperaments. 

The topic of personality types is an important concern not only for human resource managers but also the management for several reasons.  Out of these reasons, the most important by far is that personality traits have a direct and substantial impact on the worker’s job performance. 

A recent study suggests that between 20% and 25% of an employee’s productivity at work is attributable to his personality.  Personality plays a crucial role in an individual’s work efficiency.

Hence, information on how to get different personalities in the zone can help business managers like you ensure the highest level of productivity for the team.  Small changes in the office environment can improve focus for an array of different personalities working together under one roof.

Work Productivity

Best Strategies to Increase Productivity at Work

Given the workers’ different personalities, how do you help them stay in the zone and allow them to become productive at work? Here are the three best strategies to enhance productivity at work using your workers’ personality types.  Take a look.

1. Allow your employees to take regular breaks.

For some, taking a regular lunch break helps them boost their energy and productivity at work.  While for others, powering their way through the day without taking lunch breaks makes them more productive.

Whether employees get their lunch break or feel the need to go away for an hour any time of the day, one thing remains the same.  Breaks should be allowed at work because they are a form of re-energizing.

Business managers should encourage employees to see the value of breaks – either social (small-talk or chitchat with co-workers) or quiet (solo) breaks.  Workers should be able to do so to become re-energized before returning to work.

Depending on how these workers get their energy, whether it is from socializing or spending some alone time, not taking proper breaks can drain a person at work.  And as business managers, you should not allow for this to happen.

You should give importance to allowing the workers to take a break from work.  A short break lets employees rest their mind and recharge. It makes them save energy and become more productive.

2. Offer flexibility and other options at work.


The luxury of having flexible hours and the option of working remotely when possible may increase productivity.

Whether extroverted or introverted, a comfortable office environment can foster a worker’s creative thinking.  Aside from that, flexibility in the working hours is also a productivity booster for most employees.

Thus, business managers who do not have a remote workforce, for now, can consider allowing their workers to work from home when it is possible.  When workers show enough interest for this option, then they should look into a policy wherein employees can work remotely for a specific number of days as long as they are not needed on the site.  For this, they can apply the best practices of some personal assistant companies to make the trick work.

The practice cultivates a level of trust in the workplace and allows the workers to become their most productive, making it worth a shot.

3. Have areas around the office where workers can work quietly.

It is very helpful to have areas around the office where employees can work quietly without interruption.

When the volume of noise turns up, but some people need to focus at work, they can politely excuse themselves and proceed to these areas which have lesser noise. 

It is a good practice for employees not to be easily distracted by their co-workers and helps them get in the zone more.

 The takeaway   

Managing and working with different personalities in the workplace can be a struggle for business managers.

It is true since every worker has a character of his own.  Thus, putting people with different personalities in the office environments will prove to be a challenge in the beginning.  But knowing how to recognize and maximize the workers’ traits will be helpful to increase productivity in the workplace.

By analyzing their personality, you can better communicate with your team and manage your members more efficiently.  And by understanding and embracing their uniqueness, you will help provide a healthy work environment where everyone could be at their best.



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