3 Advantages of Powder Coating for Steel Fabrication Melbourne


Steel is a durable and versatile element that is widely used in construction. However, all of its benefits could not be enjoyed correctly unless the material is fabricated. The creation of steel structures by cutting, bending and assembling processes is termed as steel fabrication. When considering the finish for your fabrication project, there are several options to choose from, such as powder coating and paint. Powder coating is a more advanced option for finishing your steel fabrication project than paint. Moreover, you can get it at the same cost of the paint.

So, when you choose a company for light steel fabrication Melbourne, don’t forget to mention them to choose powder coating to finish your project. If you are still not convinced about the necessity of choosing powder coating, take a look at its various advantages.

  1. Great appearance

Powder coating has a wide variety of standards. Moreover, you can choose custom colours that will offer a perfect look to your product. Also, you can incorporate patterns and texture through the powder coating technique. With these myriad options, you can give added traction for manufactured walkways or add wrinkles or glitter in your custom parts. Powder coating creates a better overall quality of covering than paint. The powder melts and flows together, and creates an even surface. At the end of the application, it does not require sanding or refinishing like paint. And it creates a coat twice as thick as paint and thus, ensures that the coating is strong and lasts longer.

Steel Fabrication

  1. Extra durability

When compared with paint options, powder coating is much more durable. The coating is more flexible than traditional paint, allowing for a small amount of bending and flexing when the parts move and vibrate. As powder coating is highly resistant to flaking, corrosion and scratching, it helps stainless steel parts withstand harsh weather conditions and other factors. Moreover, it helps to prevent corrosion of the steel part and extend the life of components used outdoors or indoors. When you powder coat your steel products, you boost the lifespan of the parts.

  1. Cost efficiency

The process of applying powder coating is much more cost-effective than paint. As the electromagnetic charge is used to hold the powder to the part, little waste is produced. The applicator can spray the exact right amount required for the application, and thus, lowers the possibility of any wastage. The raw materials required for the job can be bought based on the size and specifications of your project, meaning that you will not waste money on extra materials. The powder is less expensive than paint, further saves your money. Lastly, storing powder coating takes up less space than paint cans, so, minimum space will be required for storage.

These are some of the benefits of powder coating for steel fabrication. So, without waiting any more, opt for a company that offers steel fabrication services along with wrought iron pool fencing Melbourne, and ask them to choose powder coating for steel fabrication.

Author bio: Jacob Bailey, a popular blogger on balustrading and wrought iron pool fencing Melbourne, here pens down the benefits of powder coating for light steel fabrication Melbourne.


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